General X-Ray

Severance Radiology Services welcomes you for general x-rays at:

5 Severance Circle, Suite 207, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, 216/382-7165

Patients are referred to us by their healthcare providers. You must present a valid doctor’s order to have the x-ray performed. This is a state law. Most x-rays do not require an appointment and do not require any pre-exam preparations. You may come into our offices without an appointment and expect to have your exam within 15-20 minutes of your arrival.

Our radiologist will interpret your x-ray films and send a report to your provider. If your physician wishes to view the films, our technologist will give them to you before you leave.

You may call either office to verify that we can do your exam at the time you wish to arrive and without pre-exam preparation.

Usual hours of operation:

  • Severance Medical Building:
    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-5:30pm
    • Wednesday 9am-4pm
    • Saturday 9am-12pm

Methods of payment: We accept most insurance plans. In some cases, we will collect your copay at the time we do your exam. Usually we will bill your copay & deductibles after we have received your plan’s response to our claim.

If you do not have insurance or SRS does not participate in your plan, we will offer you a discounted fee for payment at the time of your exam.