For Employers

Mobile Mammography saves you money. 

  • The cost, per employee, of mobile mammography is 25% of the cost of each employee scheduling her own screening.
  • Plus each employee spends less time away from work.
  • The Adolph Coors Company, which has one of America's most proactive breast cancer worksite programs, has calculated that
    • an early detected breast cancer costs an employer an average of $12,000 per occurrence.
    • In contrast, late-stage breast cancer cases average about $143,000 per occurence.

WDC's Mobile Services

  • WDC now has Digital Mobile Mamography, providing
    • clearer and more accurate scans
    • better diagnostic results for
      • women under 50
      • pre or peri-menopoausal women
      • women with dense breasts
  • WDC can roll the mammography unit into any private space available
  • WDC provides a complete screening within 15 minutes per employee
  • Methods of payment can include an invoice to self-insured clients or individual insurance claims. Co-pays, if applicable, can be collected at the time of service.
  • Each participant and her health-care provider will receive a report of the results of our Radiologist's interpretation.

    See our FAQ's page for answers to questions that are frequently asked about our Mobile Mammography service.