Digital Mobile Mammography


When you think of mobile mammography do you think of a large truck parked outside your office?

Women's Diagnostic Center surveyed employers who provide mobile mammography screenings and then responded to their needs.

  • WDC provides digital portable mammography services INSIDE your facility
  • WDC’s digital portable mammography model was preferred in employee surveys

Employee feedback confirmed that Women Diagnostic Center mammograms are more convenient, private and familiar because employees feel more comfortable!

Each participant receives:

  • Privacy during registration with our Administrative Coordinator to review physician information and other paperwork.
  • A complete screening that only takes 15 minutes by a professional, female highly skilled Mammography Technologist.
Early Detection and Regular Screenings
are Key

Breast cancer takes years to develop. Early in the disease, most cancers of the breast cause no symptoms. When breast cancer is detected early, before there are symptoms, the five-year survival rate is 97%.  If the cancer has spread to lymph nodes (underarm) the rate drops to 76%.  If it has spread to other organs such as the lungs, bone marrow, liver, or brain is present, the five-year survival rate is 20%.

Screening mammography is an x-ray examination of the breast in a woman who has no breast complaints. Screening mammography usually involves two views (x-ray pictures) of each breast. While many women have complained about the pain associated with mammography, at WDC our specially trained technicians and the equipment we use minimizes any discomfort.

Diagnostic mammograms (may include magnification, exaggerated views) and ultrasounds are available to provide additional diagnostic information. These services must be conducted in our office, because they require a Radiologist to be on-site in order to oversee your exam for an accurate diagnosis.

Our radiologist may meet with you to review your diagnostic films and answer any questions you may have.

See our FAQ's page for answers to questions that are frequently asked about our Mobile Mammography service.

We also offer In-Office Digital Mammagraphy. Learn More . . .


 Clearly, early detection is everything.
Digital mammography is here.
Advanced technology for the best  care.


Your health means everything to us. That’s why we want you to know just how important early detection is in the fight against breast cancer.
We have invested in the latest digital mammography equipment to provide a comfortable mammogram experience that offers patients the most advanced technologies in digital mammography

Digital mammography has proven to be an essential tool in the diagnosis, treatment and fight against breast cancer. And studies have shown that routine mammograms can help reduce breast cancer mortality.

Digital mammography has actually found breast cancers that traditional mammography has missed.

The important thing is that you make annual mammography screening a top priority for yourself and the women you care about.

You deserve the best possible care, that’s why we’ve made sure our staff is equipped with the most advanced mammography capabilities to help you stay healthy.

The ACRIN-DMIST* study of 42,000 women prove that digital mammography, when compared to traditional mammograms, is especially effective for

  • Women under 50
  • Pre- or peri-menopausal women
  • Women with dense breasts


Digital Mammography enables our female radiologist to see images instantly, since digital images don’t need to be developed. In addition, the Computer Aided Diagnosis provides a second look for every image. We get clearer images without delay—a major advancement for you and your patients. This new clarity also reduces the need for callbacks.