Digital Mammography

WDC has Digital mammography.
Advanced technology for the best possible care.

Women’s Diagnostic Center of Cleveland is now equipped with
the latest generation of digital mammography and sonography technology.


Early detection is key in the
fight against breast cancer.

Digital mammography is proven to be an essential tool in the diagnosis, treatment and fight against breast cancer. And Women's Diagnostic Center has invested in the latest digital mammography equipment to provide a comfortable mammogram experience that offers patients the most advanced technologies in digital mammography

Digital mammography has actually found breast cancers
that traditional mammography has missed.

The ACRIN-DMIST* study of 42,000 women prove that digital mammography, when compared to traditional mammograms, is especially effective for

  • Women under 50
  • Pre- or peri-menopausal women
  • Women with dense breasts

Our female radiologist can see images instantly, since digital images don’t need to be developed.  Additionally, the Computer Aided Diagnosis lets her get a deeper, more detailed view with every image. We get clearer images without delay, and reduce the need for callbacks.

When breast cancer is detected early, before there are symptoms,
the five-year survival rate is 97%.

Breast cancer takes years to develop. Early in the disease, most cancers of the breast cause no symptoms. If the cancer has spread to lymph nodes (underarm) the rate drops to 76%.  If it has spread to other organs such as the lungs, bone marrow, liver, or brain is present, the five-year survival rate is 20%.

The important thing is that you make annual mammography screening a top priority for yourself and the women you care about.

You deserve the best possible care, that’s why we’ve made sure our staff is equipped with the most advanced mammography capabilities to help you stay healthy.

Mammography in our Cleveland Heights Medical Office

Since 1986, WDC has provided both screening and diagnostic mammograms in the Severance Medical Arts Building in Cleveland Heights. Our facility has appointments available early in the morning, late in the afternoon and Saturday morning. Call 216-382-8874 to schedule your appointment at your convenience.

Our radiologist may meet with you to review your diagnostic films and answer any questions you may have.

See our FAQ's page for answers to questions that are frequently asked about our In-Office Mammography service.

Our Patients Say:

One of our patients, a woman who had not had a mammogram in 5 years because of the level of pain she suffered at her last screening, walked out of WDC office saying, "That was no big deal."

Our Clients say:

"I have had many trials in my life - having cancer was not one I had planned for. Due to the convenience and accuracy of your mobile unit, you played a large part in saving my life."
- G., Mansfield, OH